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Re: slink_cd-1.07 --- revisited....

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Jim Westveer wrote:

>Just a quick note to let you know that I have NOT had
>success getting 1.07 to work.. I think you have
>covered the reasons in your earlier postings.
>I may have said earlier that it worked...but I was wrong.
>(i did not have relations with that woman...:~)


>I have the suspicion that the Packages files do not
>match up with what is in my mirror.  I did do a successful
>rsync, immediatly followed by ./slink_cd and the output
>is attached below.  slink_cd exits before generating any

OK, I see your immediate problem - ncpfs depends on ipx, which is not on
the first disc. Checking on this, it's missing from slink1.useful. Add it
there and all should work. The new pkg-order stuff will fail if
dependencies on disc 1 are not met and will give a warning if the others

>On the brighter side, 1.06 seems to work on the same mirror.

Hmmm. The md5sum errors here suggest you will be prone to the same errors
as Gunnar Isaksson - if the Packages files on your mirror are out of sync
then packages may not be copied over. It looks like the master Packages
files are broken. <sigh>

>md5sum: can't open libc6_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb
>md5sum: can't open locales_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb
>md5sum: can't open timezones_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb
>md5sum: can't open crypt++el_2.84-2.deb
>md5sum: can't open mutt_0.93.1-3.deb
>md5sum: no files checked


>   CD #1
>   Package: ncpfs
>      ipx
>1 Critical errors encountered. Exiting.

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