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Re: Slink_cd 1.07

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999 Gunnar.Isaksson@saab.se wrote:

>> >If I would burn the produced images I would get CD:s without libc6,
>> >locales and timezones. How embarassing.
>> Not quite, this is just the md5sum stage. The actual packages written to
>> the disk will be what you have on your mirror.
>> >Perhaps we could also need a script that traverses a local debian mirror
>> >and produces up to date Packages files.
>> Check the "packages" step - the Packages and Packages.cd files on the CD
>> _are_ created by slink_cd, so there's no easy way for this to break...
>Sorry but I am very persistant on this point. Yesterday I got something
>similar with some 'md5sum: can't open ....' regarding some deb's in the
>contrib section and those error disappeard when I got a corrected
>Packages file on my mirror, also the CD-images was correct. 

OK, that would definitely fit the md5 errors. But I'm still sure that the
Packages file on the CD should work.

>This is how it works and it's definitely not what you intended. I noticed
>that some of your early slink_cd scripts wasn't affected by the mirrors
>Packages file.  There must be a bug somewhere. 

Ah, checking things further. You are correct, there is a place where this
can fail - in mklist we use the current Package file to turn the list into
filenames to use. F**k! I hadn't noticed this before - an out-of-date
Packages file can break things a lot.


>My only conclusion is that slink_cd must somehow read the Packages files from
>the local mirror at an early stage. Have I made an errounus conclusion?

No, you're right. Thanks for pointing this out. Although I'm not sure what
can be done to fix this at the moment. For now, just make sure your
Packages file is up-to-date (in sync with your mirror) before you start a

Steve McIntyre, Allstor Software         smcintyr@allstor-sw.co.uk
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