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Re: Slink_cd 1.07

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999 Gunnar.Isaksson@saab.se wrote:

>I am putting all binaries on 2 CD:s with  contrib, non-free and non-US
>on CD #2. I have noticed that when running './slink_cd clean', the script
>will change the file /usr/src/slink_cd/slink2.list to the
>installation default instead of leaving my edited file alone. This
>must be a bug somewhere in the script.

No, it's the way it works. If you don't want it to do this then don't do
the "genlist" step.

>I have been reading the debian-cd mail archieves and noticed
>problems with a listing from a script run. It doesn't look like
>anyone have solved that problem.
>The listing containes something like:
>md5sum: can't open data-dumper_2.09-1.deb
>md5sum: can't open dpkg-mountable_0.8.deb
>md5sum: can't open libc5_5.4.46-3.deb
>md5sum: can't open libstdc++2.8_2.90.29-2.deb
>md5sum: can't open ncurses3.4_1.9.9g-8.11.deb
>md5sum: no files checked
>This is the typical result of having an outdated Package file in the
>Debian mirror.
>This morning I myself got the following
>md5sum: can't open libc6_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb
>md5sum: can't open locales_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb
>md5sum: can't open timezones_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb
>md5sum: no files checked
>The enteries in the file
>does not have the same version numbers as the actual .deb files in my 
>It looks like the Packages file on ftp.debian.org isn't updated properly.
>If I would burn the produced images I would get CD:s without libc6,
>locales and timezones. How embarassing. 

Not quite, this is just the md5sum stage. The actual packages written to
the disk will be what you have on your mirror.

>Perhaps we could also need a script that traverses a local debian mirror
>and produces up to date Packages files. 

Check the "packages" step - the Packages and Packages.cd files on the CD
_are_ created by slink_cd, so there's no easy way for this to break...

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