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Re: slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >> I've been sent docs and I know there are sets of boot disks with the m68k
> >> people, but there's still no slink_cd support for them yet.
> >
> >What support is required for slink_cd? But that's Chris' cup of tea again.
> Basically a set of shell commands to fill in the boot images - I have no
> idea what needs to go where on the final disks, so it's easier if people
> can send me patches for that bit of creation.

I can make another 'mapping' file describing what files in disks-m68k/
go where in /install but that's only part of the problem for m68k. The 
other part (and Chris already solved that one for the test CD I got)
is copying the .hqx Mac files to the HFS partition in the hybrid image. 
My guess is that the first part has also been done by Chris, but I'll add
the map file anyway. I hope to have the final 2.1.6 snapshot tonight so 
watch out for cd-m68k.map in Incoming.


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