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slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup

Steve McIntyre writes:
 > ======
 > Slink_cd 1.07 is out as of last night; I've made tiny changes that can
 > become 1.08 very soon. The state of play for release is:
 > [...]
 > On the alpha front, I've seen/heard _nothing_ about boot/install stuff. Is
 > anything happening out there? If we're going to get a chance to get this
 > stuff done we need it _now_.

Sorry for the lack of communication until now, these things are worked
on. The  installation disks currently available are reasonable for
release (the last set is not in the archive because I expected the
definitive one sooner), except the boot-on-hard-disk installation
cannot yet be done automatically via the install program, this will
probably not be done in the first set we supply for the slink release. 

The Alpha arch has more than 20 variants, and two complete different
and 2 somehow conflicting manner of booting, so having a bootable CD
required more work than expected, I can promise a patch to slink_cd
for Friday evening (maybe late).

We need to ensure someone has enough time these days to coordinate the 
remaining stuff on the Alpha part of the Debian documentation, I hope
I can help on that, but I definitely cannot supervise it (anyway I am not an
native english speaker). Anybody volunteers?

 > slink_cd 1.08 is ready to go as a final version; I just need some
 > instructions/patches/docs from certain groups, especially the alpha
 > team. 

Well I can promise for Friday, should any problem arise, we will lower 
our goals by not having the CD bootable on all archs to meet this

Lastly a personal note, I do think the Alpha port is of high
quality (enough to consider this is a major step for Linux/Alpha in
general), but when comparing it to Debian/i386, it should still be flagged 
as Beta (particularly because of some not yet discovered 64 bit issue
that users may  found while stressing it). I think it is better for
our users if this Beta status appears in the annoucement. 



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