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Re: Slink Source images

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

>> All the source images should be effectively identical, unless I'm missing
>> something. I normally add extras of my own to each disk, but the official
>> ones should be the same...
>You're missing the fact that they have the Packages-cd and Contents files 
>their own architecture, whereas they'd presumably need them for all
>architectures to allow us to use them with any architecture.

Doh! Yes, of course.

>Also, the README's (or is it the info file) is architecture dependent.

Yes, which will give very slight changes, I guess. Right, slink_cd 1.08 is
going to have a couple more features, which should be fairly obvious:

no Packages{,.cd} files on source CDs (let's have common source CDs)

more intelligent use of Packages files - each CD will know about itself
and lower-numbered CDs only. Thus, a standard ste of CDs can be made that
will work for anyone - a standalone CD 1, a 2-CD binary set, a 4-CD
official set and a 5-CD set with non-free can all be made in the same run.
We simply tell the user to insert the last binary disc first when
using multi-cd.


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