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Re: Slink Source images

On Feb 23, Philip Hands wrote:
> > All the source images should be effectively identical, unless I'm missing
> > something. I normally add extras of my own to each disk, but the official
> > ones should be the same...
> You're missing the fact that they have the Packages-cd and Contents
> files for their own architecture, whereas they'd presumably need
> them for all architectures to allow us to use them with any
> architecture.

If the disc only contains source (i.e. tar files and diffs), what's
the value of having valid Packages-cd and Contents files on the CD in
the first place?  You can't install a binary package from a source CD
because there aren't any binary packages on one.  No binary packages =
no need for them to be architecture-dependent (unless you want to
allow people to do things like stick a source CD when starting a
dselect multi-cd upgrade... which is nice, I suppose, but hardly
essential considering you can't install a new system from anything
except a binary CD).

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