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FW: Slink Source images

oops...forgot to copy the list...

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From: Jim Westveer [mailto:jwest@netnw.com] 
Sent: Monday, February 22, 1999 5:05 PM
To: Steve McIntyre
Subject: RE: Slink Source images 

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> But... non-US doesn't go on disc 3 or 4... And the boot-disks etc also
> don't go anywhere near these two either:
> All the source images should be effectively identical, unless I'm missing
> something. I normally add extras of my own to each disk, but the official
> ones should be the same...

Ok, If I can not persuade you with the theroetical, perhaps I can
convince you with emperical:

Here are the slink3 and 4 that I have created in the past day
for m68k, sparc, alpha, and i386.  There was a rsync performed
before the first disks were made (from www.uk.debian.org) and no
updates after that time.

They are not the same....these were made with slink_cd-1.06, I will
regenerate them overnight with 1.07 to see what I find.  

Just trying to be helpfull....

  slink3.raw   641910 Kb    Mon Feb 22 12:04:00 1999 
  slink4.raw   608220 Kb    Mon Feb 22 12:11:00 1999

  slink3.raw   616064 Kb    Mon Feb 22 14:18:00 1999 
  slink4.raw   576922 Kb    Mon Feb 22 14:22:00 1999 

  slink3.raw   616262 Kb    Mon Feb 22 13:15:00 1999 
  slink4.raw   577120 Kb    Mon Feb 22 13:21:00 1999 

  slink3.raw   616868 Kb    Mon Feb 23 00:31:00 1998 
  slink4.raw   577802 Kb    Mon Feb 23 00:37:00 1998 

The software required Win95 or better, 
so I installed Linux.
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