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Re: Slink Source images

> humm...I copied the wrong file sizes that I have 
> for slink3 and four....they should have been:
> arch-i386
>   slink3.raw   615192 Kb    Sat Feb 20 09:41:00 1999 
>   slink4.raw   577894 Kb    Sat Feb 20 09:47:00 1999 
> This is more in line with what Phil currently has on
> sunsite.org.uk.
> Phill, did you turn off non-US ???

Um, I didn't turn it on --- I presume that if it's not mentioned on the 
command line, then it doesn't get put in --- right ?

As far as I can tell, these differences are largely due to the images being
done a day apart, so new packages are on the m68k ones.

Cheers, Phil.

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