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Re: official debian cd ?

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

>i'm sorry, i subscribed to the list right now.
>if there will be official cd images, and some way for
>distributing them: please tell me how i can help.
>i only have 2 gb diskspace here, but i guess i can find
>someone in my university with more diskspace and a good
>net connection, so everyone will be able to download copies.

Phil Hands has built some (i386-only I believe) images on
www.uk.debian.org that can be mirrored. They're not going to be the final
images, but that will probably be the place where the final images will
also come from. If you have a good connection in Germany that would be
useful. The full set of images (4 architectures) will take ~12GB...

We could also do with some mirrors elsewhere, especially US, Australia,
Japan(?) ...

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