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Re: Debian Weekly News article

On 9 Feb 1999, Jens Ritter wrote:

> I wrote this short notice for inclusion in Debian Weekly News. Do you
> think I should give the scripts some more exposure, by mentioning it
> there?

I mentioned the scripts when DWN first started (see the second posting).
If you'd like to send stuff in for the cd list, that's fine, most of my
submissions are for the testing group.

> as I want to sent it to Joeyh today (Next
> Weekly news might be published in 2 days --- I guessed this from the last
> publication date).

I send him stuff Sunday, but things make it in late sometimes.  I also try
to send plain html so it's a cut and paste job for him (the only thing I
forget is the <b>'s).

Thanks for helping out,

P.S. I personally prefer less over more postings so what I send him is
more likely to make it in.  But like I say, it's a personal decision.

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