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Debian Weekly News article

Hallo folks, 

I wrote this short notice for inclusion in Debian Weekly News. Do you
think I should give the scripts some more exposure, by mentioning it

Please reply ___immediately___, 

as I want to sent it to Joeyh today (Next
Weekly news might be published in 2 days --- I guessed this from the last
publication date).

So please CC me!!!



Summary of the debian-cd mailing list, for inclusion in Debian Weekly
News.   8.2.1999  -- 9.2.1999 (I'm just starting to write reports for 
DWN, so this is not a complete week). 

  Version 1.05 of the scripts to generate images of slink is
  available from: 


there have been some effords to make it work on a "symlink farm".  A
bug in mkhybrid was found and has been squashed (will be included in
the upcoming 1.06). Consider it ALPHA software! Please report your
success or failures to debian-cd@lists.debian.org.

Jens.Ritter@weh.rwth-aachen.de   grimaldi@debian.org
Key ID: 2048/E451C639 Jens Ritter
Key fingerprint: 5F 3D 43 1E 24 1E CC 48  1E 05 93 3A A7 10 73 37 

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