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Re: [quango@watervalley.net: mkhybrid: seg faults with HFS options on Debian 2.1 archive]

On Monday 8 February 1999, at 15 h 13, the keyboard of Chris Lawrence 
<quango@watervalley.net> wrote:

> I compiled the new upstream version (1.12b4.8) from source and the bug
> is no longer present in the resulting binary.  I can make an NMU of
> the new version for frozen and unstable, or just unstable, or leave it

May be you can integrate as well the patches in:


(the patches are in the slink-cd distribution) which allow to run mkhybrid on a symlink farm (slink-cd can do it an it is very important for people whose only access to a slink mirror is read-only, such as a NFS server) and resolve the symlinks. I made a package from them:


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