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Re: slink_cd v 1.02 - i386 - (PATCH INCLUDED) install notes

On Saturday 16 January 1999, at 17 h 58, the keyboard of "Jim Westveer" 
<jwest@netnw.com> wrote:

> I used the preselected options, 

Which ones? As the maintainer of these files, I'm interested by real uses.

> X  ..  Humm.  when selecting xbase, it forgets things like
> gpm, fonts, a window manager....  but that is another story.

Which profile or task? gpm is included in most profiles. fvwm2 also. If you 
select xbase alone (with dselect's Select, skipping tasks and/or profiles 
selection), it just follows the Depends: in the package.

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