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RE: slink_cd v 1.02 - i386 - (PATCH INCLUDED) install notes

> From: stephane@sources.org
> On Saturday 16 January 1999, at 17 h 58, the keyboard of "Jim Westveer"
> > I used the preselected options,
> Which ones? As the maintainer of these files, I'm interested by real uses.

Alas and alack, I did not keep detailed notes.
I was attempting to use 2.1 as an install medium for
the first time at a customer site....and I was just
happy that it went as well as it did.
I will be doing the same thing again this week,
at a different site, and I will keep more accurate
notes.  I will also be genning a new system in my
office and I will report on that experience.

Jim Westveer

So far, no one has been killed in a computer crash.
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