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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

Brederlow wrote:
> > Icons that the user just has to click on, to start the script (Amiga) or the
> > bootstrap proper (Atari, Mac). If that works for Amiga (Chris has to find
> > out).
> I have some left over from the Eagle Linux (which are GPL). I will
> bring them in. There is an disk icon for the CD and an tools icon (I
> think) with a boot script hiden under it to start the installation.

The question was: are thes icon files, residing on a ISO CD filesystem,
to work as they would on AFFS? 

I've the icon files Franky used for 2.0, and I don't see a need for others. 
> The only problem is the large amount of possible bootparameters. There
> will allways be some config missing.

KISS (keep it simple, stupid). We're going to use the default parameters,
which is root=/dev/ram load_ramdisk=1 (and video=keep if that helps
for Amiga). People in need of specific settings are politely asked to 
consult the relevant documentation.


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