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Re: Minor enhancements to multi-cd install method.

Kenneth MacDonald <kenny@holyrood.ed.ac.uk> writes:

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> I've mailed these off to Martin Schulze, but I thought some people
> here may like them too.
> These patches allow you to mount cd images as though they were real
> discs under the multi-cd dselect method.  Simply create a sym link
> pointing to the first image, point dselect at it, and it will mount it
> loopback for you.  When it asks you to change the CD, point the sym
> link at the image it wants and continue as if you'd swapped real CD
> discs around.

Can't I put CD 1 in /dev/scd0 and CD 2 in /dev/scd1 and so on? Server
with more than one CD-rom aren't unusual.
What about if you have 2 CD-roms but 3 CDs are needed. First CD1, then 
CD2, then CD3 and then CD2 again. Does it suggest to echange CD1
against CD3?

Just my 2c (Now we Europeans can say that as well. The Euro is great :)

May the Source be with you.

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