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Re: Minor enhancements to multi-cd install method.

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Brederlow wrote:

>Can't I put CD 1 in /dev/scd0 and CD 2 in /dev/scd1 and so on? Server
>with more than one CD-rom aren't unusual.
>What about if you have 2 CD-roms but 3 CDs are needed. First CD1, then
>CD2, then CD3 and then CD2 again. Does it suggest to echange CD1
>against CD3?

You could do this with the sym-links quite easily, but I somehow doubt
that's what you meant. If you can think of a way to do this automatically,
please feel free to suggest it/send a patch! :-) Or another alternative is
to do what I used to do for hamm - make yourself a sym-link farm somewhere
else that references the CDs and replace some of the farm with real data
as necessary to do it in one step.

Another thought - the official slink disc set will only have 2 binary CDs:

main section 1
main section 2, contrib, non-US

It should be easy to mount both in separate drives and install as-is...

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