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Re: slink_cd v 1.02 - i386 - (PATCH INCLUDED) install notes

"Jim Westveer" <jwest@netnw.com> writes:

> X  ..  Humm.  when selecting xbase, it forgets things like
> gpm, fonts, a window manager....  but that is another story.

What do I need those for? gpm is for console, fonts are for the
fontserver only, and a windowmanager is only needed by the server.

xbase lets you run X-applications, not the server. e.g. you can
install xbase and xbill and do

xbill -display <somewhere with an x-server>

There should be a virtual or dummy X package that depends on
everything normally needed and suggest everything else one might need, 
so user can select the large bunch of X stuff needed together.

Actually, when it comes to X, the xfsetup package is severly broken,
since it has wrong dependencies and is missing vital once. I got it
running, but it still complains about its docs being missing or
so. Also xvidtune doesn't work.

> Although m68k and Alpha pass the "sanity" test, I have no
> access to machines to test them with.

I have both and a pretty complete mirror (just updating at the
moment). I will have a try at it.

May the Source be with you.

PS: How well does the installation cope with having /dev/hda11
/dev/hda12 and /dev/hda13 as isofs? :)

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