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Excluding some files in main/binary-m68k from CD image

If there are no objections, I am planning on excluding some packages
that carry over from binary-all into binary-m68k that are completely
useless to distribute:

kernel-source-2.0.3[45]: There is no Linux/m68k kernel release newer
than 2.0.33; the Linux/m68k maintainer will release a 2.0.36 when
Linus releases his (and we may try to get that into slink iff Linus's
2.0.36 is included).

kernel-source-2.1.125: There is no kernel-patch-m68k for this version
in the distribution (and it won't compile out-of-the-box); adding such
a package this late in the freeze would probably not be kosher.  [If
someone decides to package the patch (see
ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/projects/680x0/v2.1), I'll include this package,
but there's no point otherwise.]

kernel-doc (for the versions above): Self-evident.

So, unless someone has a really major objection (I can't see any
technical ones, but there may be political ones) to doing this (and
throwing out any other binary-all packages that are nonetheless
inappropriate for m68k, like Netscape installers and the like), I plan
on excluding these files from my local rsync mirror and removing them
from the Packages file on the CD image(s).

Chris, who is happy at least that he'll be able to *upload* the CD image
from something faster than a 28.8 modem.
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