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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > I understood Chris was going to set up m68k in general. There's no
> > way to boot Ataris from CD (as far as I know), and Macs would be
> > possible to boot from CD but none of the m68k maintainers knows how
> > :-)
> That's correct, there's no point in making separate CDs for Mac, Atari
> and Amiga.  It may be possible to boot from CD on these platforms, but
> at least on the Amiga there are a lot of things that won't work if you
> boot from CD (some devices need to be pre-initialized, the bootloader
> requires the ROM patches to be loaded, etc.).  [My understanding on
> the Mac is that you can copy a System Folder onto the CD image to make
> it bootable.]  Plus we'd need licenses for AmigaOS and MacOS.  Bottom
> line is bootable isn't going to happen.

I didn't think about the MacOS licensing issues. Just putting a System
on a plain ISO CD isn't going to work; MacOS needs extensions to cope with
CDs (for 7.5.5 at least, and possibly 7.6).

Anyway, first things first. libc6- hosed /lib/ld.so.1 on
my system and that did persist even after downgrading to 2.0.7v-1 :-( 
That seems fixed now, I'll just have to rebuild everything again. 
> > The m68k buildds don't do non-free and possibly non-us IIRC. Keeping up with
> > main is quite enough.
> It would be nice if the buildd at least kept up with non-us (I
> couldn't care about non-free except possibly xv... and with eeyes and
> the GIMP available nobody should need xv anymore).

The buildds might even be doing non-us. Non-US is probably not that much 
work, just that you and I can't do it. Christian might need to take those.


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