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Re: Excluding some files in main/binary-m68k from CD image

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>If there are no objections, I am planning on excluding some packages
>that carry over from binary-all into binary-m68k that are completely
>useless to distribute:

[list snipped]

>So, unless someone has a really major objection (I can't see any
>technical ones, but there may be political ones) to doing this (and
>throwing out any other binary-all packages that are nonetheless
>inappropriate for m68k, like Netscape installers and the like), I plan
>on excluding these files from my local rsync mirror and removing them
>from the Packages file on the CD image(s).

Sounds reasonable. If you give me the list of files I'll add an option to
slink_cd to ignore them...

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