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Have to use "genlist" and "tree" in the same invocation.

If I run "slink_cd genlist" and then "slink_cd tree" the list files in
$TMPDIR are overwritten and loose the lists generated by the first

Perhaps this can be documented, or if it is, documented more
prominently.  Is it worth fixing too?

Spiffy script, though, and I aim to test the images without writing
them.  I think just a tweak to the multi-cd scripts to allow loopback
mount should allow that.

Another item I learned from yesterday's first attempt was that using
xcdroast to burn the images, I didn't tell it to write dot files, thus
loosing vital bits off the cds.  It'd probably be useful to have a
section in the readme file for this kind of advice for actually
burning the images.


ADML Support, EUCS, The University of Edinburgh.

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