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Re: Have to use "genlist" and "tree" in the same invocation.

On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Kenneth MacDonald wrote:

>If I run "slink_cd genlist" and then "slink_cd tree" the list files in
>$TMPDIR are overwritten and loose the lists generated by the first
>Perhaps this can be documented, or if it is, documented more
>prominently.  Is it worth fixing too?

Hmmm. It's done by the step directly before genlist - "Making working
copies of config files". I only ever use genlist and tree together in the
same invocation of slink_cd. Possibly the config file copying should only
happen if we don't already have the target files in $TMPDIR. In fact, that
would be a sensible default that I'll add for the next version.

And I will add to the documentation a warning that most of the work should
be done on a single run to avoid losing state.

>Spiffy script, though, and I aim to test the images without writing
>them.  I think just a tweak to the multi-cd scripts to allow loopback
>mount should allow that.

Cool. Or couldn't you simply use the multi-mount (or whatever it's

>Another item I learned from yesterday's first attempt was that using
>xcdroast to burn the images, I didn't tell it to write dot files, thus
>loosing vital bits off the cds.  It'd probably be useful to have a
>section in the readme file for this kind of advice for actually
>burning the images.

??? What does xcdroast do to lose dot files? I'm confused as to what's
going on here...

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