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Re: m68k CD images

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> Steve et al.:
> I have a SCSI CD-R drive on the way (and theoretically an Amiga coming
> back from the repair shop... though that's not strictly speaking
> necessary) so I'll be putting together a slink CD (or CDs... not sure if
> m68k will fit on one CD or not) for m68k.  Maybe it will even be good
> enough to be an Official CD, though I'm not holding my breath.
> It's probably going to be a hybrid HFS/iso9660 [Rock Ridge] image...
> we've had reports that some systems choked on the Joliet extensions (and

That's been the Mac users mostly, I guess. Happens when people produce CDs
for m68k without contacting the m68k developers :-) 

Let me add here that there's no released boot-floppies package for m68k 
yet. Earlier attempts to make m68k slink CDs were, at best, futile without
this (users I talked to weren't aware that they wouldn't be able to install
from scratch with such CDs).


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