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m68k CD images

Steve et al.:

I have a SCSI CD-R drive on the way (and theoretically an Amiga coming
back from the repair shop... though that's not strictly speaking
necessary) so I'll be putting together a slink CD (or CDs... not sure if
m68k will fit on one CD or not) for m68k.  Maybe it will even be good
enough to be an Official CD, though I'm not holding my breath.

It's probably going to be a hybrid HFS/iso9660 [Rock Ridge] image...
we've had reports that some systems choked on the Joliet extensions (and
they shouldn't be necessary anyway for m68k users... I don't even think
any m68k OS except Linux [& possibly *BSD] supports Joliet).  It's
probably not going to be bootable, but that shouldn't be a major

I may end up hacking mkisofs to add support for the Amiga-specific Rock
Ridge extensions (see http://makecd.core.de/Rock_Ridge_Amiga_Specific)
so things may be executable from the CD-ROM.  But that's not a high
priority with slink on the verge (ha!) of being released.

I guess that's all for now... more when my CD-R shows up on my back


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