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Re: m68k CD images

On Jan 14, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> >I have a SCSI CD-R drive on the way (and theoretically an Amiga coming
> >back from the repair shop... though that's not strictly speaking
> >necessary) so I'll be putting together a slink CD (or CDs... not sure if
> >m68k will fit on one CD or not) for m68k.  Maybe it will even be good
> >enough to be an Official CD, though I'm not holding my breath.
> Good stuff. If you can test the latest version of the slink_cd script, and
> tell me what needs to be done (or even better, send a patch) for Amiga
> installation that would be very good.

A patch will be on its way as soon as I get stuff working... the CD-R
was apparently here TODAY (*boggle*) but I wasn't here to sign for
it.  So I'll definitely be working on it this weekend (since I have
MLK off and nothing to do on Fridays...).

> OK... In that case it looks like it'll be useful to remove the -J option
> from the default mkhybrid command line. Time to go for arch-specific
> options there too I think.

Thanks for the tip... time for me to dive in and RTFM.

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