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RE: slink_cd 0.96 - 97

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Philip Charles wrote:

>	First of all the important news, India 196 for 5 at the close of
>the second day of play in reply to NZ's 366 in the third test.


>I have been having fun butchering mkfile and I have got to the stage of
>proof of concept.  The idea is to make certain that all the packages
>neccessary for the installation of the preselected systems are on slink1. 
>At this stage it seems that the disc will be about 300 mb, which is good
>news in the long run.  Mind you, as it stands, slink2 is over 800 mb
>including contrib, but that can be fixed.

OK, great.

>What I have done is this;
>Started a new install, and at the reboot, booted into my working
>installation.  I then looked in /root of the partial installation and
>found ./profiles and ./task directories which contains the files to be
>loaded for each of the systems. 
>cat-ed and sorted the directories.  The file was then cleaned up and
>duplicates removed by hand (a pointer here please - too slow and too many
>errors).  This was then used to replace slink2.optional and mkfile was
>butchered to make certain that the required packages found their way onto
>slink1.  It worked.


>Once I get is working, I could forward copies of mkfile and the list to
>you after they have had a shower and shampoo.  However, you might like to
>follow the same line of reasoning for yourself.

I'll take a look when I get a chance. Lovely...!

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