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Re: debian-testing to provide help

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> The i386 stuff works fine, with a similar setup to the Hamm discs - the
> normal image on disc 1 and the tecra image on disc 2. I'm looking at the
> m68k stuff right now; it looks as though Atari and Amiga do not support
> bootable CDs, I'm not sure about m68k Macs. Alpha is apparently doable
> once we get some testers, and I've got some sparc info also now...

Sounds good.  With the latest boot floppies (just released yesterday), we
went to 2.0.26 and can use a zImage again, eliminating the need for the
tecra disk.  Perhaps you can think of something else you want to use that
second disk for now (maybe a 2.2.0-pre image if you are over anxious).

Everything else looks great.  I'll pass the information on to the testing


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