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Re: debian-testing to provide help

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

>1) How is the progress on burning a bootable cd going?  I saw a few
>success stories in the archives for i386 and other platforms.  (BTW: I'm
>glad to see such a platform independent group here.)

The i386 stuff works fine, with a similar setup to the Hamm discs - the
normal image on disc 1 and the tecra image on disc 2. I'm looking at the
m68k stuff right now; it looks as though Atari and Amiga do not support
bootable CDs, I'm not sure about m68k Macs. Alpha is apparently doable
once we get some testers, and I've got some sparc info also now...

>2) Has anyone looked into the multi-cd stuff and verified that it will
>work with the cd's you are making?

It does, yes. My own home systems are using the multi-cd CDs now for
upgrades and I've installed a couple of new systems from scratch using
them too. All on i386 so far, but I don't see any major arch differences
in this respect. And the multi-cd stuff should work with any custom
arrangements that people may want to make, as the Packages.cd files are
generated automatically from the temporary trees. 

>3) How far are you from having the slink-cd program setup for a tester
>(with the drive space and cd burner) to give it a try?

It's ready now. If you get down the script v0.95 and have a look, all the
information you need should be contained there.

>I'd like to see the testing group get more involved with the other parts
>of a release, and this seems to be the best next step right now.


>Keep up the good work everyone and happy holidays,

Thanks, same to you...

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