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Re: rawrite

> > 
> > Hmm, obviously Klemens knew that he needs the rawrite program, and what is the 
> > right place to look for it?
> > 
> I thought I made that clear. The easiest place to find what you need
> should be right where you are. When you are in the disks directory,
> preparing to create a rescue floppy, you might expect to find the tool you
> need there as well, and, low and behold, it is there, ready to execute.
> This exactly what your associate was asking for wasn't it? What can we do
> if he insists on going to the tools directory and unpacking what is found
> there? I'm suggesting that this complaint has already been addressed, and
> that this fellow simply neglected to take advantage of what was provided.

This was not a real question. I was suggesting, that tools is the right place 
to look for rawrite, if you know already that you need it (because you have 
done it before).

> I don't know how to direct his attention to the right place any better
> than has already been done. What would you suggest?

Best would probably be a symlink to the disk directory (at least on the CDROM) 
or a self extracting archive.

But I agree, the "problem" is too tiny to put more time in discussing how to 
resolve it.



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