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Re: rawrite

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Rainer Dorsch wrote:

> > > 
> > > Hmm, obviously Klemens knew that he needs the rawrite program, and what is the 
> > > right place to look for it?
> > > 
> > I thought I made that clear. The easiest place to find what you need
> > should be right where you are. When you are in the disks directory,
> > preparing to create a rescue floppy, you might expect to find the tool you
> > need there as well, and, low and behold, it is there, ready to execute.
> > 
> > This exactly what your associate was asking for wasn't it? What can we do
> > if he insists on going to the tools directory and unpacking what is found
> > there? I'm suggesting that this complaint has already been addressed, and
> > that this fellow simply neglected to take advantage of what was provided.
> > 
> This was not a real question. I was suggesting, that tools is the right place 
> to look for rawrite, if you know already that you need it (because you have 
> done it before).

This tool has been available, uncompressed, in the disks directory since
the 1.3 release. The complaint would be justified if there were no
uncompressed versions of this tool available.

I would expect someone to look for it first, before "going to the trouble"
to unzip the known version, and certainly before complaining that it
wasn't provided. The last time I used Windows was 3.1, and there was a
file search facility. Has '95 lost that capability too?

The tools directory comes directly off of the ftp site with every file
compressed. I would expect to get complaints form folks if this directory
didn't look just like it does now. In any case, the more correct place for
the program is in the disks directory, where you might expect to need it.

> > I don't know how to direct his attention to the right place any better
> > than has already been done. What would you suggest?
> > 
> Best would probably be a symlink to the disk directory (at least on the CDROM) 
> or a self extracting archive.
As someone else complained, "If ISO-9660 supported hard links, we could
put a link in every directory.", which points out the fact that everyone's
expectations are not the same, so what other location, outside the disks
directory, would you want this "link"?

> But I agree, the "problem" is too tiny to put more time in discussing how to 
> resolve it.

Worse than that, any "resonable" response to this problem will only cause
someone else to dislike the result. The RPM (Read Programmer's Mind) and
the ROM (Read Opperator's Mind) instructions are much needed in this
industry ;-)


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