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RE: The Debian CD Standard (not yet official ;) )

Humm, now I have more questions...

1.)  What pacthed mkisof ?? ver ?? location ??

2.)  With slink in a frozen state, will you be able to make
changes to  apt, dpkg, dselect, to support multiple disks?
(yea I know about dpkg-multicd)

3.)  The structure in your proposed standard indicates that
the following would be on CD-1:
 CD1 .disk/info = "Debian GNU/Linux binary-i386"
!!!!!dists/slink/main/binary-i386 alone currently occupies
 around 844,793,737 bytes......it ain't gointo fit on one CD/ROM

It would seem that only the "necessary" parts of
dists/slink/main/binary-i386 need to be on CD-1;

which brings up the point....why do we not add a new category
(directory) for non-essential components, and just release
them on a supplementary disk.

e.g..  kjbible (7M), gimp-manual (15M), and xbooks (17M)
certainly are not "required" for the installation of
a base Debian Linux system.

I do not believe we need to change every installation program
before we can burn a slink disk, just re-organize our current
structure a bit.

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> From: Gerhard Poul [mailto:gp@atnet.at]
> Sent: Friday, November 13, 1998 2:51 PM
> To: debian-cd@lists.debian.org
> Subject: The Debian CD Standard (not yet official ;) )
> Hi,
> this is the first alpha version of my Official Debian CD Standard.
> Please send me any comments or diffs via email and tell me what you think
> about it. After this standard is okay (in about one week I think) we will
> start writing a new version of debian-cd (in perl). If you want this to
> contain any special features please tell us!! (us = jsb@atnet.at,
> gp@atnet.at, both available on this list!)
> Hope this standard is okay until now. Maybe someone can write chapters I
> commented out. (please tell me about that) and send me the diff (human
> readable text generated by GNU diff) via email asap.
> btw: is the topic of this list already changed on the web pages??? :)
> cu,
>   gerhard
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>   Vienna Backbone Service - we support experimental data transfer
> technology
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