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Re: Slink on 2 CDs? urgh...

All packages with priority Standard, or higher, will fit on one CD with
both binary and source provided, and some space left. I'm not as sure that
Optional and Extra packages can be as easily divided. ( I think one of
them might be significantly larger than the other, making division across
priority lines more difficult )

One of the other things necessary for making this work at installation
time, is a new kind of Packages file. Currently main gets one
"distribution" Packages file. This file should exist, (and possibly span
all of the "contrib, non-us, non-free, etc...") and provide adequate
information about all of the packages in the "release". Each CD would have
a copy of this file, but would also have a "local" Packages file, giving
all of the packages on that CD. Then you could make your "selection" of
packages to install from any CD, and only need to install from a different
CD if packages are needed on a higher priority CD. When you install in
order, packages chosen that are found on succeeding CDs will have any of
their dependencies found on the first CD satisfied before the first CDs
packages are installed. Successive CDs install in much the same fashion.

While it is possible to organize the files in a pathological fashion, it
is also possible to organize them into a smooth installation path.

All I need is a free weekend to work out a script that rationally
separates the archive into CD sized chunks that satisfy the above design

Waiting is,

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, John B. Fink wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I've heard a few things about the upcoming Slink release that have me
> worried.  Actually, one thing -- the inability for the basic distrib to
> fit on *one* CD.  
> This isn't such a big problem for me personally, but the project I run
> (http://adler.lib.muohio.edu/~jbfink/debian-giveaway) is a different
> story.  If Slink can't fit on one disc, I'll probably have to stop giving
> out Debian like I do.
> Sigh.  I *really* don't want to do that, but as it is I'm feeling the burn
> in my wallet.
> Does anyone know if there will be some sort of slimmed-down Slink CD image
> produced?  
> -- jf
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