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Re: kfreebsd-10_10.3~svn296373-1_multi.changes REJECTED


Thanks for uploading!

Christoph Egger wrote:
> FWIW I get a trace+reset somewhen after ZFS is being initialized and
> before the kernel should prompt for the GELI password on my X220. I'll
> try to recover the actual trace ASAP there.

I don't recommend using this kernel yet.  At some point it will be
built with newer clang, and there will be updated zfsutils for the 10.3
userland.  It shouldn't be crashing, but I won't have time to look into
that yet.

> nb: you said something about GELI related grub fixes? was that already
> included in the unstable grub or should I wait for the new
> jessie-kfreebsd grub?

It's not in sid yet.  I'll try to upload to jessie-kfreebsd suite
tomorrow.  The bug is that grub-probe can't map GELI devices, or
sometimes GPT partitions, to an actual disk device.

There are still other complications for GELI+ZFS as you may have
noticed.  Such as, the order of initscripts, and whether /usr is mounted
(because some crypto library is needed).  And it sometimes helps to load
geom_eli.ko from GRUB.

Steven Chamberlain

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