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Re: kfreebsd-10_10.3~svn296373-1_multi.changes REJECTED

Hi Christoph,

Debian FTP Masters wrote:
> ACL dm: NEW uploads are not allowed

If you ever have time, please could you upload this for me (to
experimental) since the new "10.3" binary packages must go through the
NEW queue.  It is staged as revision 5929 at:

I don't think you'll need to change the version number or changelog at
all, though you will need to:

  $ fakeroot debian/rules control
(possibly create an empty debian/control first if it doesn't exist?)

  $ fakeroot debian/rules clean && rm -fr sys/ .pc/
  $ fakeroot debian/rules get-orig-source

that part is supposed to be reproducible now, so you should probably get
an identical kfreebsd-10_10.3~svn296373.orig.tar.xz having SHA-256 hash

I'm not sure if this is implicit:

  $ dpkg-source --before-build .

And IIRC an upload going into the NEW queue must include binaries, so I
think it must be built with:

  $ dpkg-buildpackage -b -k$your_keyid

I haven't actually tried booting this kernel, but whether it works or
not I would like the kfreebsd-source-10.3 package in experimental so
that I can finish packaging the 10.3 userland:

I will need to test a lot of reverse-deps before any of this goes into
sid, but maybe it could happen around the time of FreeBSD 10.3 release.

Steven Chamberlain

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