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Re: Installing jessie on amd64 doesn't work: "Architecture not supported"


Philipp Martis wrote:
> "Architecture not supported [...] Please try a different mirror."

That's due to kfreebsd being dropped from the official 'jessie' suite
and having to rename it to jessie-kfreebsd.  The installer has to be
fixed to look in the new location on the mirror sites;  and to use
that in the installed system's /etc/apt/sources.lists also.

If you can wait 1-2 weeks we should have a new version of the
installer out for testing, and then an official release and
announcement soon after that.

Or in the meantime you could try the pre-built virtual machine
image Christoph has built:

That image might be able to boot directly from a USB stick, like a
live system, but AFAIK nobody has tried that yet.

Steven Chamberlain

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