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Re: [Reproducible-builds] Bug#805321: debian-installer: builds unreproducible netboot images


I rewrote the patches according to KiBi's feedback and they are
now uploaded to our jessie-kfreebsd suite, and this Git branch:

In my own testing on ZFS, file ordering was still an issue for the
makefs tool that builds the initrd.  But if I were to try again
on UFS, I hope to be able to reproduce the entire
netboot-installer-images tarball as built by the buildds.

This tarball includes bits that are bundled onto the official release
images by debian-cd tools.  Making this reproducible is a prerequisite
for someday having reproducibly-built official release images.

I could merge these patches into sid if they seem okay?  The only
commit that should not be merged is this one, which is specific to
jessie-kfreebsd and must be slightly changed for sid:
	kfreebsd: use makefs -T to clamp timestamps

I expect that Linux d-i builds will have some reproducibility issues
in whatever generates the initrd or ISOs, but I may look into that after
the jessie-kfreebsd release is done.

Steven Chamberlain

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