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Re: blkid for ufs partitions


  I've just created a jessie-kfreebsd VM image (qemu)[1] using a patched
vmdebootstrap[0]. This seems to mostly work (but after a grub-install
the ufsid of the root device seems changed (after reboot)). I'll try and
see if I can fix that.

  Also if you can tell me what to not do wrong I can have a VBox /
VMWare image soon.

  The vmdebootstrap patches have been sent to the upstream mailnglist,
we'll see what happens


Christoph Egger <christoph@christoph-egger.org> writes:
> [0] https://git.siccegge.de/?p=forks/vmdebootstrap.git;a=summary
[1] https://people.debian.org/~christoph/jessie-kfreebsd-vmimage.raw.xz
ef32c4865bf4a79633128ba644c043c97559a91d3be1a878da86feef60b71196  jessie-kfreebsd-vmimage.raw.xz
9FED 5C6C E206 B70A 5857  70CA 9655 22B9 D49A E731
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