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blkid for ufs partitions

Hi all!

As discussed, I'm trying to create a patchset for vmdebootsstrap[0] so
it works on kfreebsd. Currently things are mostly going well but I'm
struggling to find a proper replacement for the linux blkid/UUID
mechanism for the rootfs. /dev/ufsid/* does seem to be the right place
but I can't find any utility to get the right id for my ufs partitions
(/dev/md0s$n). Any ideas? In the end I could hardcode /dev/vtb0s$n but
that only works with virtio-disk and seems more like a hack.


[0] https://git.siccegge.de/?p=forks/vmdebootstrap.git;a=summary
9FED 5C6C E206 B70A 5857  70CA 9655 22B9 D49A E731
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