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Re: blkid for ufs partitions


Christoph Egger wrote:
> I'm struggling to find a proper replacement for the linux blkid/UUID
> mechanism for the rootfs. /dev/ufsid/* does seem to be the right place
> but I can't find any utility to get the right id for my ufs partitions
> (/dev/md0s$n). Any ideas? In the end I could hardcode /dev/vtb0s$n but
> that only works with virtio-disk and seems more like a hack.

The regular installer really should use these too.  Because if the
installer boots from USB, the rootfs and /etc/fstab are likely wrong
when booting normally.  (It's another thing I would have liked to fix
before release, but this seems too big/complex to implement in a hurry).

Does sysctl kern.geom.confxml maybe give this info?  Perhaps the ufsid
is listed as a child node of the geom device providing it.

If gpt disklabels are used, there is a persistent gptid for each
partition, too.  Or if ZFS is used as root, the pool+fs name are
persistent already.

Steven Chamberlain

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