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Re: Vagrant kfreebsd base box?

On 16 October 2015 at 11:46, Emmanuel Kasper <emmanuel@libera.cc> wrote:
> I am not specially that much in kFreeBSD, but if you can maintain the
> templates in the long term, I have nothing against havin them in the
> debian-vm-templates repository.
> Emmanuel

Hi Emmanuel,

I understand your concerns but I prefer not to take on maintenance of
the templates.

I think templates for more Debian archs (linux-*, kfreebsd-*, hurd-*)
are desirable but before adding them to the repo the effort required
for maintenance shall be reduced.

Misc ideas:
* Jenkins jobs shall test building each supported box on each commit
of the repo;
* Scripts shall be in Debian package as users might benefit from
having/installing templates locally. Package might fit the workflow of
* Not sure if box upload to Atlas shall be automated. But maybe the
last box built and tested successfully shall be saved on the build box
so that maintainer can simply SSH to build box and push Vagrant box to
Atlas repo from there.


It looks like linuxlogo is not kfreebsd-* or hurd-* friendly
https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=linuxlogo . screenfetch

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