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Re: Vagrant kfreebsd base box?

Hi Luca,

Luca Favatella wrote:
> (The idea is that kfreebsd-* Vagrant boxes would help contributions to
> the kfrebsd-* ports by developers hacking on GNU/kFreeBSD only
> intermittently.)

Yes, it definitely would be useful.  Many people choose VirtualBox as a
way to first try out kfreebsd, but it's easy to pick the wrong settings
for the VM, and we don't have pre-built images available yet.  vagrant
should address both those needs.

> Code is available at
> https://github.com/lucafavatella/debian-vm-templates/commit/1923592d19686a3ccf2293b5a70ee716913de10e

I love the GRUB menu automation!

|      "boot_command": [
|        "<down><wait>",
|        "e<wait10>",
|        "<down><down><down><down><down><down><down><wait>",
|        "set kFreeBSD.preseed/url=

I could probably use this, to supplement my manual jessie-kfreebsd
installer and release testing, and the Jenkins jobs we have.

> It builds box but a late step fails trying to mount some kind of
> shared folder specific to VirtualBox - maybe the option
> `"guest_additions_mode": "disable"` does not work in packer?

I'll try it out soon and see if I can figure it out.

I know that we don't have the virtualbox guest additions yet, they
would be useful to people, but I didn't have time to work on it yet.
I guess they shouldn't be a requirement for a headless VM and this can
probably be fixed in vagrant or wherever.

Steven Chamberlain

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