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Re: Vagrant kfreebsd base box?

Le 15/10/2015 00:38, Steven Chamberlain a écrit :
> Hi Luca,
> Luca Favatella wrote:
>> (The idea is that kfreebsd-* Vagrant boxes would help contributions to
>> the kfrebsd-* ports by developers hacking on GNU/kFreeBSD only
>> intermittently.)
> Yes, it definitely would be useful.  Many people choose VirtualBox as a
> way to first try out kfreebsd, but it's easy to pick the wrong settings
> for the VM, and we don't have pre-built images available yet.  vagrant
> should address both those needs.

Hi Luca

I am not specially that much in kFreeBSD, but if you can maintain the
templates in the long term, I have nothing against havin them in the
debian-vm-templates repository.


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