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Re: possibility of jessie-kfreebsd suite

On 2015-03-10 12:38, Christoph Egger wrote:
  Ansgar and me have been discussing the archive setup for
jessie-kfreebsd yesterday. Basically there's going to be a
jessie-kfreebsd and jessie-p-u-kfreebsd thing on ftp-master where the
jessie-p-u-kfreebsd automatically pulls in new uploads from jessie-p-u
via some dak script (allowing special +kbsd versions and local packages
for -bsd@ as well).

  For our preferred setup we'd need a bit of your help: When accepting
security uploads from stable/new into jessie-p-u would it be possible to also trigger the sync from updates/jessie-kfreebsd [0] to -p-u-kfreebsd?
This should avoid having different binaries in the seucirity and
-p-u jessie-kfreebsd suites.

I have to admit that I'm confused as to how this would work in practice.

For the avoidance of any possible doubt, the Release Team don't (and can't) sync anything from the security archive. Uploads are pushed from security, and then hit the stable-NEW queue and are processed from there.

If jessie-p-u-kfreebsd will also include packages that aren't in jessie-pu then someone will presumably need to be managing a policy queue for that. Who's that expected to be? Would it not make more sense just to have uploads from updates/jessie-kfreebsd mapped on ftp-master to the policy queue for jessie-p-u-kfreebsd and then have them processed as usual from there?

Based on the above, I'm not sure it makes sense to couple the updates->stable-new->pu migration to the updates/kbsd->stable-new-kbsd->pu-kbsd migration. As an additional point, I can easily see cases arising where the packages from security-kfreebsd are all present but there are missing uploads for the Linux architectures, or vice-versa.



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