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Re: possibility of jessie-kfreebsd suite


  Ansgar and me have been discussing the archive setup for
jessie-kfreebsd yesterday. Basically there's going to be a
jessie-kfreebsd and jessie-p-u-kfreebsd thing on ftp-master where the
jessie-p-u-kfreebsd automatically pulls in new uploads from jessie-p-u
via some dak script (allowing special +kbsd versions and local packages
for -bsd@ as well).

  For our preferred setup we'd need a bit of your help: When accepting
security uploads from stable/new into jessie-p-u would it be possible to
also trigger the sync from updates/jessie-kfreebsd [0] to -p-u-kfreebsd?
This should avoid having different binaries in the seucirity and
-p-u jessie-kfreebsd suites.


[0] pending agreement on the -security side

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