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Planned setup for kfreebsd-jessie


So the planned setup would consist of 3 -kfreebsd pockets for jessie:

on ftp-master:
  - jessie-kfreebsd
  - jessie-proposed-updates-kfreebsd

on security-master:
  - updates/jessie-kfreebsd

where jessie-proposed-updates-kfreebsd is where our own uploads go. We
can put kfreebsd-only packages there and replace jessie packages (but
need to pick a different version -- like include a +kbsd$n or
something). With the possibility of folding -proposed-updates-kfreebsd
into jessie-kfreebsd on pointreleases.

Both updates/kfreebsd-jessie and jessie-proposed-updates-kfreebsd would
automatically get updates from the "normal" jessie suites via a dak
script Ansgar is going to write. Means we don't get the headstart with
embargoed security stuff. For seurity updates -- we would see them
coming in via the sync from updates/jessie and later, once -release
syncs them into jessie-proposed-updates we would see them show up
again. Ideally -release can trigger our security import when accepting
packages from security as well so we don't do two distinct builds for
the same source (and different binaries in the end).


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