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Bug#775395: partman-zfs in d-i jessie image does not create grub-compatible /boot ZFS mirror

Yes, it was very annoying that I couldn't "fix" the issue by turning off all the feature@ things as once they are in use, you can't turn them off.  Had to rebuild from scratch.

Thanks for fixing!  I will grab a daily image with partman 43 in it and give it a go.


On 02/27/2015 04:34 PM, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
tags 775395 + confirmed
user 775395 debian-bsd@lists.debian.org
usertags 775395 + kfreebsd

Hi Mike,

On 09/02/15 03:02, Michael Milligan wrote:
This may help...  10.1 added a bunch of feature flags that grub may need
to now support in the ZFS code and are probably tripping this all up.
You're absolutely right, some of the new feature flags are breaking
GRUB;  I just confirmed it in a fresh test-install with ZFS mounted on /boot

This is my fault;  I was so sure that GRUB in jessie supported these,
that I requested that `zpool create` no longer use "-d":

GRUB *does* support feature@lz4_compress, but otherwise, only features
that are 'read-only compatible' according to zpool-features(7):

Here is the list of "not read-only compatible' features that are
supported by GRUB - currently only lz4_compress:

The most problematic ones are hole_birth and embedded_data, because they
go "active" as soon as enabled.  Some of the others wouldn't initially
be a problem, until that functionality is used, but it's not safe to
enable those by default.

I think most of the new features are valuable and we should keep them if
possible, most certainly lz4_compress (which can be used to compress
metadata, even if you don't set compression=on for a dataset).  So I
suggest we use "-d" but still enable lz4 and all read-only compatible
features.  (`zpool create` without "-d" would enable *all* features by

Thanks for reporting this!


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