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Re: Bug#775395: partman-zfs in d-i jessie image does not create grub-compatible /boot ZFS mirror


Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> (2015-03-08):
> tags 775395 + patch pending
> thanks
> Hi KiBi,
> Could we have the attached fix for partman-zfs in sid please?
> This would be an RC bug, except that it is kfreebsd-any.


> Furthermore, could I step in as maintainer (add myself to Uploaders)
> for this and just upload it myself?  I believe I'd need a dak dm
> authorisation for that.

That would be ideal. I've tried to upload a .commands file to that
effect, I'll seek to getting it right if my first attempt doesn't work
(it's been a while since last time I needed to do so).



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