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Re: Plan B for kfreebsd

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> [...] if that's helpful, Debian funds could be allocated to
> that effect. (Note that, concretely, I don't really see how Debian funds
> could help here; but you might have more ideas)

Thanks Lucas;  I think there are places where Debian funds or resources
could be useful - like KVM VMs, or public cloud credits - otherwise I
may have been looking for sponsors for these things :

  * somewhere to build and host the install media

  * somewhere to host repositories:
    - snapshots.d.o could already be useful as basis for stable
    - a supplemental repository for stable, which I'm sure we'll need
    - a repository for an unofficial testing-like suite, possibly

  * somewhere to build security and stable updates ourselves, if we
    can't do that on the regular buildds

  * random/cool stuff:
    - http.d.n-like redirector, in preference to a mess of APT sources
    - place to run c-i testing, QA tools
    - infrequent archive-wide rebuilds

Steven Chamberlain

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